Washi Tape | Special Themes (Old Releases)

$6.45 USD

Exclusive Washi Tape
All rolls are 10m long.
Each Listing is for 1 roll/set.

***Valentine Set (15/10/5mm) Gold Foil

Simple Grid w/ Silver Holographic Foil 15mm
Beachy Vibes Set (15/10/5mm) Silver/Gold Foil
Sketchbook Summer Set (15/10/5mm) Holographic Silver Foil

MM Banner w/ Silver Holographic Sequin Foil 15mm
Happiest Christmas (15mm) Holographic Silver Foil
Happiest Christmas Set (10/5mm) Holographic Silver Foil
Christmas (15mm) Gold Foil
Christmas Set (10/5mm) Gold Foil
Snow (15mm) Silver Foil
Snow Set (10/5mm) Silver Foil
Holiday Magic Sign (15mm) Red Foil
Black Fireworks (15mm) Rainbow Foil
White Fireworks (15mm) Rainbow Foil
Cappuccino (15mm) Light Gold Foil
Cappuccino Set (10/5mm) Light Gold Foil
Latte (15mm) Rose Gold Foil
Latte Set (10/5mm) Rose Gold Foil
Mocha (15mm) Brown Foil
Mocha Set (10/5mm)  Brown Foil
Espresso (15mm) Iron Gray Foil
Espresso Set (10/5mm) Iron Gray Foil
St. Patrick's Sketchbook Set (15/10/5mm) Gold Sparkle Foil
Haunted Ombre w/ SilverFoil 15mm
Falling Leaves Set (15/10/5mm) Gold Sparkle Foil
Falling Leaves Ombre w/ Gold Sparkle Foil 15mm
Pumpkin Splotches Set (15/10/5mm) Silver Sparkle Foil
Pumpkin Splotches Ombre w/ Silver Sparkle Foil 15mm
Simple Halloween Set (15/10/5mm) Silver Foil
Golden Fireworks (15mm) Gold Star Foil
Christmas Simple (15mm) Silver Foil
Candy Stripes (15mm) Holographic Silver Foil
Deck the Halls (5/10/15mm Set) Gold & Silver Foil
Winter Wonderland (5/10/15mm Set) Silver Foil
Happiest Place (5/10/10/15mm Set) Silver Foil
Simple Bold (15mm) Hot Gold Foil
Mummies 15mm Orange Foil
Simple Boho 15mm Gold Foil
Simple Pumpkin Patch 15mm Silver Foil
Night 15mm Silver Foil
*UNWRAPPED Night 15mm Silver Foil
Dangle 15mm Holographic Silver Foil
Simple Valentine Set (15/10/5mm) Silver Sparkle Foil
Lucky Set (15/10/5mm) Gold Sparkle Foil
Spring Boho Set (15/10/5mm) Holographic Silver Foil
Pansy Smiles (15mm) Gold Foil
Happiest Skyline (15mm) Holographic Silver Foil
Cool Clouds (15mm) Silver Foil
Warm Clouds (15mm) Gold Foil
Simple Valentine (15mm) Silver Foil
Simple St. Patrick's Day (15mm) Gold Foil
Simple Brights Ombre (15mm) Silver Sparkle Foil
Retro Magic (15mm) Gold Foil
Magical Beach (15mm) No Foil
Rainbow Magical Plans (20mm) No Foil
Magical Neighborhood Set (15/10/5mm) Gold Foil (10/5mm Only)
Magical Bubbles Set (15/10/5mm) Holographic Silver Foil
Simple 4th Set (15/10/5mm) Gold Foil

*UNWRAPPED No shrink wrap or Logo sticker.
PLEASE NOTE: Washi might be curled/unraveled slightly at the beginning

This in NOT a presale, all items are ready to ship
which also means limited stock of each type.
***PLEASE NOTE: There was a packaging mistake between the
Pink Pansy set and Valentine set with gold foil. These set will come
unwrapped and unlabeled. Thank you in advance for understanding
mistakes happen.