Washi Tape | Magical Print (Old Releases)

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Exclusive Washi Tape
All rolls are 10m long.
Each Listing is for 1 roll/set.

Holiday Green Set (15/10mm)  Silver Foil
Holiday Red Set (15/10mm)  Gold Foil
Green Foil Clear 15mm
Green Foil Clear Set 10/5mm
Red Foil Clear 15mm
Red Foil Clear Set (10/5mm)
Gold Foil Clear 15mm x5m long
Gold Foil Clear Set (10/5mm) x5m long
Silver Foil Clear 15mm x5m long
Silver Foil Clear Set (10/5mm) x5m long
Holographic Foil Clear 15mm x5m long
Holographic Foil Clear Set (10/5mm) x5m long

Brown Set (15/10mm)  Gold Foil
Mustard Set (15/10mm)  Gold Foil
Diamond Orange Set (15/10mm)  Silver Foil
Teapot Yellow Set (15/10mm)  Gold Foil

Teacup Set (5mm) w/ Matching Foil
***Pink Pansy Set (15/10mm)  Gold Foil
Mad Hatter Green Set (15/10mm)  Silver Foil
Alice's Dress Blue Set (15/10mm)  Holographic Foil
Plain Purple Set (15/10mm) Gold Foil
Pink Foil Clear 15mm
Pink Foil Clear Set (10/5mm)
Purple Foil Clear 15mm
Purple Foil Clear Set (10/5mm)
Teal Foil Clear 15mm
Teal Foil Clear Set (10/5mm)
Incredible Glow Set (15/10mm) Holographic Silver Foil
Wheel Yellow Set (15/10mm) Holographic Silver Foil
Fountain Pink Set (15/10mm)  Holographic Silver Foil
Black w/ Gold Foil 15mm
Black w/ Gold Foil Set (10/5mm)
White w/ Gold Foil 15mm
White w/ Gold Foil Set (10/5mm)
Black w/ Silver Foil 15mm
Black w/ Silver Foil Set (10/5mm)
White w/ Silver Foil 15mm
White w/ Silver Foil Set (10/5mm)
Black w/ Rainbow Foil 15mm
Black w/ Rainbow Foil Set (10/5mm)
Ghost Glow Set (15/10mm)  Silver Foil
Deadly Night Shade Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Pumpkin King Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Wallpaper Purple Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Haunted 5mm Set w/ Silver Foil

Clear Orange Foil 15mm
Clear Orange Foil Set (10/5mm)
Castle Stone Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Castle Set (5mm) Matching Foils|
Clear (15mm) Blue Foil
Clear Set (10/5mm) Blue Foil
Graveyard Gray Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Grimm Gray Sky Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Bold Rainbow Red Set (15/10mm) Hot Gold Foil
Bold Rainbow Yellow Set (15/10mm) Hot Gold Foil
Bold Rainbow Green Set (15/10mm) Hot Gold Foil
Pastel Rainbow Yellow Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Golden- Radical Red Set (15/10mm) Hot Gold Foil
Golden- Lumi Glow Set (15/10mm) Hot Gold Foil
Golden- Orange Bang Set (15/10mm) Hot Gold Foil
Golden- Passion Pink Set (15/10mm) Hot Gold Foil
Golden- Punzie Purple Set (15/10mm) Hot Gold Foil
Golden- Genies Wish Set (15/10mm) Hot Gold Foil
Candy- Twilight Skies Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Candy- Ursula Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Candy- Strawberry Guava Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Candy- Candy Coral Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Candy- Dole Whip Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Candy- Experiment 626 Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Golden Set of 6 (5mm) Hot Gold Foil
Clear (15mm) Rose Gold
Clear Set (10/5mm) Rose Gold 
Cars 5mm Matching Foils
Junkyard (brown) 15/10mm Set Silver Foil 
Route 66 (cream) 15/10mm Set Silver Foil 
Flos Glo (teal) 15/10mm Set Gold Foil 
Pavement (gray) 15/10mm Set Gold Foil 
Cadillac Range (tan) 15/10mm Set Gold Foil 
Rusty (red) 15/10mm Set Silver Foil 
Park Map- Fantasy Street Set (10/5mm) Deep Pink Foil
Park Map- BTMR Town Set (10/5mm) Gold Foil
Park Map- Adventure Set (10/5mm) Green Foil
Park Map- Tomorrow Set (10/5mm) Blue Foil
Park Map- Down in N.O.S Set (10/5mm) Purple Foil
Park Map- Star Country Set (10/5mm) Light Gold Foil
Park Map- 5mm Set w/ Matching foil colors
Park Map Ombre (15mm) Gold Foil
Holidays at the Park Ombre (15mm) Gold Foil
Teacup Ombre (15mm) Silver Foil
WOC Ombre (15mm) Silver Foil
Brights Pink Set (10/5mm) Silver Sparkle Foil
Brights Green Set  (10/5mm) Silver Sparkle Foil
Brights Blue Set  (10/5mm) Silver Sparkle Foil
Brights Purple Set (10/5mm) Silver Sparkle Foil
Brights 5mm Set Silver Sparkle Foil
Brights Ombre (15mm) Silver Sparkle Foil

This in NOT a presale, all items are ready to ship
which also means limited stock of each type.
***PLEASE NOTE: There was a packaging mistake between the
Pink Pansy set and Valentine set with gold foil. These set will come
unwrapped and unlabeled. Thank you in advance for understanding
mistakes happen.