Birthday Month View Kit for EC 2022 Neutral

$7.95 USD

*REFORMATTED to make it easier to lay down the theme!
Choose your month.

2 Sheet kit.
***Fits the Erin Condren Vertical Neutral Month View.
Also available is an extras sheet for a fuller month view!

- Sized for the Neutral EC Planner (may work in other planners, I have not personally tested these kits)
- You may need to white out some parts of the planner depending on how you lay down the stickers.
- Full box/Label/Holiday Stickers are sized to FIT INSIDE the dotted lines. They are made so that the lines of the calendar still show.
- See photos for sticker reference (may not match month in the listing). Stickers are bits and pieces from all 3 sheets available laid down in a 2022 EC Neutral planner.


*Listing is for exact sticker sheets as shown.
*Printed on High Quality Matte Permanent sticker paper.
*Ready to peel & add to your planner.
*Stickers are delicate, please peel carefully.
*Colors may appear differ from monitor to monitor
**Please read policies


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