Summer 2022 Presale Extras + New! Magical Mouse Washi Tape

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Exclusive Magical Mouse Washi Tape
Summer 2022 Presale Extras + New! Release
All rolls are 10m long.
Each Listing is for 1 roll/set.
Summer Florals Set (15/10/5mm) Holographic Silver Foil
Magical Shave Ice Set (15/10/5mm) Gold Sparkle Foil
Magical Balloons Set (15/10/5mm) Silver Sparkle Foil
Red White and Blue 22 Set (15/10/5mm) Red/Blue/Silver Foil
Bold Rainbow Red Set (15/10mm) Hot Gold Foil
Bold Rainbow Yellow Set (15/10mm) Hot Gold Foil
Bold Rainbow Green Set (15/10mm) Hot Gold Foil
Bold Rainbow Blue Set (15/10mm) Hot Gold Foil
Pastel Rainbow Pink Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Pastel Rainbow Yellow Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Pastel Rainbow Green Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Pastel Rainbow Blue Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Bold Rainbow Set of 4 (5mm) Hot Gold Foil
Pastel Rainbow Set of 4 (5mm) Silver Foil

Golden- Radical Red Set (15/10mm) Hot Gold Foil
Golden- Lumiere Glow Set (15/10mm) Hot Gold Foil
Golden- Orange Bang Set (15/10mm) Hot Gold Foil
Golden- Passion Pink Set (15/10mm) Hot Gold Foil
Golden- Punzie Purple Set (15/10mm) Hot Gold Foil
Golden- Genies Wish Set (15/10mm) Hot Gold Foil
Candy- Twilight Skies Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Candy- Ursula Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Candy- Strawberry Guava Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Candy- Candy Coral Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Candy- Dole Whip Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Candy- Experiment 626 Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Golden Set of 6 (5mm) Hot Gold Foil
Candy Set of 6 (5mm) Silver Foil
Simple Mickey Bold (15mm) Hot Gold Foil
Simple Mickey Pastel (15mm) Silver
Clear (15mm) Rose Gold
Clear Set (10/5mm) Rose Gold 
This in NOT a presale, all items are ready to ship
which also means limited stock of each type.