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Make It Blue Set (15/10mm) Gold Foil

Exclusive Magical Mouse Washi Tape
September EXTRAS.
All rolls are 10m long.
Each Listing is for 1 roll/set.

Holiday Green Set (15/10mm)  Silver Foil
Holiday Red Set (15/10mm)  Gold Foil
Green Foil Clear 15mm
Green Foil Clear Set 10/5mm
Red Foil Clear 15mm
Red Foil Clear Set (10/5mm)
Gold Foil Clear 15mm x5m long
Gold Foil Clear Set (10/5mm) x5m long
Silver Foil Clear 15mm x5m long
Silver Foil Clear Set (10/5mm) x5m long
Holographic Foil Clear 15mm x5m long
Holographic Foil Clear Set (10/5mm) x5m long

Brown Set (15/10mm)  Gold Foil
Mustard Set (15/10mm)  Gold Foil
Diamond Orange Set (15/10mm)  Silver Foil
Teapot Yellow Set (15/10mm)  Gold Foil
***Valentine Set (15/10/5mm) Gold Foil

Teacup Set (5mm) w/ Matching Foil
***Pink Pansy Set (15/10mm)  Gold Foil
Mad Hatter Green Set (15/10mm)  Silver Foil
Alice's Dress Blue Set (15/10mm)  Holographic Foil
Plain Purple Set (15/10mm) Gold Foil
Pink Foil Clear 15mm
Pink Foil Clear Set (10/5mm)
Purple Foil Clear 15mm
Purple Foil Clear Set (10/5mm)
Teal Foil Clear 15mm
Teal Foil Clear Set (10/5mm)
Simple Grid w/ Silver Holographic Foil 15mm
Incredible Glow Set (15/10mm) Holographic Silver Foil
Mickey Wheel Yellow Set (15/10mm) Holographic Silver Foil
Fountain Pink Set (15/10mm)  Holographic Silver Foil
Beachy Vibes Set (15/10/5mm) Silver/Gold Foil
Sketchbook Summer Set (15/10/5mm) Holographic Silver Foil
Black w/ Gold Foil 15mm
Black w/ Gold Foil Set (10/5mm)
White w/ Gold Foil 15mm
White w/ Gold Foil Set (10/5mm)
Black w/ Silver Foil 15mm
Black w/ Silver Foil Set (10/5mm)
White w/ Silver Foil 15mm
White w/ Silver Foil Set (10/5mm)
Black w/ Rainbow Foil 15mm
Black w/ Rainbow Foil Set (10/5mm)
Ghost Glow Set (15/10mm)  Silver Foil
Deadly Night Shade Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Pumpkin King Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Wallpaper Purple Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Haunted Mansion 5mm Set w/ Silver Foil
Mickey & Minnie Banner w/ Silver Holographic Sequin Foil 15mm
Clear Orange Foil 15mm
Clear Orange Foil Set (10/5mm)
Happiest Christmas (15mm) Holographic Silver Foil
Happiest Christmas Set (10/5mm) Holographic Silver Foil
Magical Christmas (15mm) Gold Foil
Magical Christmas Set (10/5mm) Gold Foil
Magical Snow (15mm) Silver Foil
Magical Snow Set (10/5mm) Silver Foil
Holiday Magic Sign (15mm) Red Foil
Black Fireworks (15mm) Rainbow Foil
White Fireworks (15mm) Rainbow Foil
Magical Cappuccino (15mm) Light Gold Foil
Magical Cappuccino Set (10/5mm) Light Gold Foil
Magical Latte (15mm) Rose Gold Foil
Magical Latte Set (10/5mm) Rose Gold Foil
Magical Mocha (15mm) Brown Foil
Magical Mocha Set (10/5mm)  Brown Foil
Magical Espresso (15mm) Iron Gray Foil
Magical Espresso Set (10/5mm) Iron Gray Foil
Castle Stone Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Castle Set (5mm) Matching Foils|
St. Patrick's Sketchbook Set (15/10/5mm) Gold Sparkle Foil
Clear (15mm) Blue Foil
Clear Set (10/5mm) Blue Foil
Haunted Mansion Ombre w/ SilverFoil 15mm
Graveyard Gray Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Grimm Gray Sky Set (15/10mm) Silver Foil
Falling Leaves Set (15/10/5mm) Gold Sparkle Foil
Falling Leaves Ombre w/ Gold Sparkle Foil 15mm
Pumpkin Splotches Set (15/10/5mm) Silver Sparkle Foil
Pumpkin Splotches Ombre w/ Silver Sparkle Foil 15mm
Simple Halloween Set (15/10/5mm) Silver Foil

This in NOT a presale, all items are ready to ship
which also means limited stock of each type.
***PLEASE NOTE: There was a packaging mistake between the
Pink Pansy set and Valentine set with gold foil. These set will come
unwrapped and unlabeled. Thank you in advance for understanding
mistakes happen.