Fall 2022 Presale Extras + New! Magical Mouse Washi Tape

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Exclusive Magical Mouse Washi Tape
Fall 2022 Presale Extras + New! Release
All rolls are 10m long.
Each Listing is for 1 roll/set.

Magical Boho 15/10/5mm Set Gold Foil 
Pumpkin Patch15/10/5mm Set Silver Foil 
Pastel Halloween15/10/5mm Set  Holographic Silver Foil 

Meant to Be 15mm Silver Foil 
Magical Halloween Cuties 15mm Holographic Silver Foil 
Magical Mummies 15mm Orange Foil 

Carsland 5mm Matching Foils 
Carsland Ombre 15mm Gold Foil 
Junkyard (brown) 15/10mm Set Silver Foil 
Route 66 (cream) 15/10mm Set Silver Foil 
Flos Glo (teal) 15/10mm Set Gold Foil 
Pavement (gray) 15/10mm Set Gold Foil 
Cadillac Range (tan) 15/10mm Set Gold Foil 
Rusteze (red) 15/10mm Set Silver Foil 

Simple Mickey Boho 15mm Gold Foil
Simple Mickey Pumpkin Patch 15mm Silver Foil
Magical Night 15mm Silver Foil
*UNWRAPPED Magical Night 15mm Silver Foil
Magical Dangle 15mm Holographic Silver Foil

*UNWRAPPED No shrink wrap or Logo sticker.
PLEASE NOTE: Washi might be curled/unraveled slightly at the beginning

This in NOT a presale, all items are ready to ship
which also means limited stock of each type.